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eWaste is the unspoken byproduct of our technology-based society, since nearly all business and consumers continue to buy and upgrade computers, printers, copiers and the latest televisions at a freightening pace. As this technology becomes obsolete, it is constantly being replaced with the next generation of gadgets. This puts information and the environment at risk.

In many cases, these discards end up in municipal landfills and add to the heavy metals and other toxins polluting our ground water. For some, it opens up the risk of data and information loss and raises long-term liability.

Raleigh's Computer & Electronics Recylcer

Assured ITD is a Raleigh-based service company providing professional recycling and disposal management services for end-of-life computers, electronics, and information technology. The company serves small businesses and consumers with a special focus on information security, privacy and regulatory compliance.

Year Founded2007
Executive ManagerPeter T. Graber

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